Desalination Plants is used for precise pre treatment process for removal of salts and minerals from the seawater using Reverse Osmosis. We have gained expertise in offering high quality Desalination Plants to the esteemed customers, as per their requirements.

These plants are fabricated using genuine quality raw material, procured from some of the most trusted sources. Moreover, we check these plants on certain well-defined parameters to gauge their flawless nature.


The silver stream is a unique system, which provided cost effective, simple solutions to fluid quality problems.
The silver stream technology can be explained in a simple way: Fluid flow through a specially designed teflon tube of (USA) with germicidal lamps UV lamps placed beside them.

The UV rays pass through the ultra violet transmitting fep tubes into fluid body and disinfections occur. Natural water can contain large quantity of microorganisms some of which cause deadly diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid etc.

These dosages of UV radiation required to destroy most common microorganisms is about 6,000 to 10,000/uvs/cm2. All silver streams are provided with lamps of at least 30,000/uvs/cm2 dosage.

Drinking water, high purity water for pharmaceuticals, dairies, cosmetics, hospitals, laboratories, food processing industries, mineral water plants, beverages, aquaculture, cooling tower, waste water effluent, swimming pools, desalination ro systems etc.

The silver stream unit basically consists of:
1. Teflon assembly
2. Stainless steel inlet outlet connections
3. Uv lamps with fittings
4. Ballast for u v lamp
5. Starter switch (for manual ballast)

The assembly of all the parts is enclosed in a special grade stainless steel material. All silver stream units have indicating eye to indicate the germicidal lamp is functioning.
Electrical circuit
Electical connections are separated from water in a specially designed circuit. The u v lamps are ignited by means of special type shivsu ballast. Each u v tube requires one ballast connected in series. Silver stream units have two type of ballast, electronic and electrical.

Silver streams selection of model :
Silver stream comes in models ranging from 75lph to 50,000 lph (standard models), customer built model of more flow rate is also available. Apart from models there are two types of series ssh (high pressure) & ssl (low pressure). To select the silver stream it is necessary to have the following information :

1. Available floor space
2. Flow rate and its variation
3. Disinfection requirement inlet and outlet
4. Water enquiry
5. Maximum operating pressure.